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2017-2018 Boynton Knights Coaching Staff

Please keep in mind that this is based on the expectation of players coming in for specific age groups. If we get more players in certain ages then we will assign a qualified coach for that age group before the season starts.

Reminder that we are a club based program! Players sign with the club and not specific coach or team. Players can be moved from group to group throughout the club. These decisions & player evaluations are made by our Knights professional coaching staff and will be determined by the individual player’s level of play, commitment, attitude and more. This system is put into place to create a positive but competitive environment for the players.

U8-U10, if players make their age group pool, they will be assigned to their specific teams only after the first couple of weeks of training in August. This is done to give a more accurate assessment.





Keeper Coaches

 U9 Black Gustavo Betzer, Resume 
 U10 Black Astrell Labbe, Resume  
 U11 Black  Vahe Boyajin, Resume
 U10 Red Judner Joseph 
U12 Black Kevin Vreckem, Resume   
U13 Black Kavan King, Resume 
 U13 Red Vahe Boyajin, Resume 
U14 Black Kavan King,  Resume  
U15 Black Alex Monsalve resume  
U15 Red Judner Joseph , resume  
U16 Black  Alex Monsalve resume  
 U17 Black Kevin Van Vreckem, Resume   


U09 Black Bill Grube, Resume
U9 Red  Tony Shallard, resume  
 U11 BlackHassan Jaddaoui, Resume 
U12 Pre Academy Melissa Kennedy, resume
U13 Pre Academy  Melissa Kennedy, resume
U13 Black Ernst Hyppolite, resume
U14 Black Ernst Hyppolite, resume
U17 Black Astrell Labbe, Resume



Javier Dussan,


 Rick Bryant, resume  
 U18 Black Hassan Jaddaoui
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